Meet Dr. Shawn Bansuk Ju

It brings me great joy to meet new people, as well as staying connected with current patients who I consider family. It is exciting just to be able to help my patients in a career that I know I am good at and seeing smiles on their faces when the results bring them satisfaction.” – Dr. Shawn Bansuk Ju

As a good communicator who also enjoys artistic endeavors, Dr. Bansuk Ju wanted a career that incorporated both of his interests. His search led him to dentistry, where he is able to combine one-on-one patient interaction with the creation of beautiful smiles.

Dr. Ju likes to get to know his patients personally and truly cares about them. He will go out of his way to make sure that they receive the best care that they deserve and walk out of the office with a smile. Dr. Ju likes to tell his patients fun stories; he has lived a very interesting life and is always excited to share his past with his patients! Everyone in the office definitely loves his sense of humor!

Dr. Ju was born in the Philippines while his parents were studying there for medicine. The family moved to Taiwan for a few years, and then to Korea. When he was 13, Dr. Ju moved to Oklahoma where he picked up some southern drawl (when you talk to him he might have a funny accent—don’t be surprised!). After high school, Dr. Ju moved to Tennessee for college and after graduation served in the Army as a medic for two years. He then attended Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in California, where he met his wife Dr. Jeong. They moved to Washington, where she grew up, in 2017.

Living in a world where things are changing every day, Dr. Ju understands the importance of continuing his education to adapt to new technology and better serve his patients. He is an active member of the American Dental Association and the Washington State Dental Association.

Dr. Ju and Dr. Jeong recently welcomed a baby boy, Eden Ju. When he has the time, Dr. Ju loves the outdoors; he enjoys camping, hiking, and off-roading during the weekends.

In addition, Dr. Ju serves as the dental director of AMEN Clinic, which is a free dental clinic held in Tacoma every year. He finds serving in volunteering activities gives him fullness that one can only receive from giving back to one’s community.