Meet Dr. Christina Jeong

Dentistry is a platform that provides plenty of challenges and rewards, as well as constant opportunities to help people and communities. Dentists live busy and interesting lives: we meet so many unique people and learn so many different things in conversations with our patients.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of being a dentist is that I get to know my patients a lot more closely than practitioners in other areas of healthcare. Seeing people at routine six-month recalls, or even sooner for treatments, provides opportunities to create close connections and relationships. It is these connections that inspire me to come to the office every day, as I look forward to hearing people’s stories and latest news, while helping them to the best of my ability.

~ Dr. Christina Jeong

Above all, Dr. Christina Jeong is passionate about helping others, personally and professionally. As the eldest of three siblings, she is a natural when it comes to looking after others and wanting to assist those around her.

Growing up in Federal Way, Dr. Jeong had a strong desire to help people in need. When she was younger, she volunteered to go on an international mission trip. Observing the dentists who participated in that trip, and seeing them provide life-changing care to underserved individuals, inspired her.

In entering the dental field, Dr. Jeong has found many opportunities to serve and support others: through local community services, international mission trips, her own patients, and their families. As a dentist, she appreciates the diversity of her days, treasures the people she spends time with, and loves that she is able to help each person in a way that shows how much she cares.

Dr. Jeong attended Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, in California, where she obtained her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS). It was at dental school where she met her fellow student, Dr. Shawn Ju; the two fell in love, married, and moved to Washington in 2017.

Dr. Jeong knows that dentistry is a constantly changing field: research leads to new methodologies, technologies, and approaches to patient care. By regularly participating in dental health education – in-class lectures, hands-on learning, online teaching – she stays current on the latest developments.

This benefits her professionally, as well as the healthcare community in which she works. More important, though, is how constant learning benefits Dr. Jeong’s patients: They can trust that Union Avenue Dental’s quality of patient care is enhanced by evidence-based medicine and dentistry.

Throughout the year, Dr. Jeong completes many hours of continuing education, through the American and Washington Dental Associations and the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. This dedication ensures Dr. Jeong is providing patients with the most advanced, proven dental care available.

Beyond the office, being with family is Dr. Jeong’s priority. She and Dr. Ju have a young son, named Eden, and they enjoy living close to Dr. Jeong’s parents and younger sisters. In their free time, the doctors and their son love hiking and camping, making the most of all the opportunities offered by life in the Pacific Northwest.

Dr. Jeong also enjoys visiting coffeeshops with her girlfriends, movie dates with her two sisters, and keeping in touch with close friends and family. She and her husband regularly host lunch and dinner gatherings in their home, treasuring the time with those they love.

Being active in her community, and serving others, is important to Dr. Jeong. She is involved in her church community work, including feeding the homeless and children’s programs. She also participates, yearly, in a local free dental clinic, where she provides dental care to the underserved and those struggling financially in her community. At the end of a day of volunteer activities, Dr. Jeong returns home with the realization of how many people are in need, and further inspired to find new avenues to help people through dentistry.